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And the best part is writing and publishing your first book is easy than perceived. With right strategy and guidance you can publish your book at breezing speed and start leveraging the benefits.

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There is no sugar-coating though. If you are a busy professional with multiple commitments, you may find writing and publishing your book difficult.

Here is where, a seasoned writing coach like Dinesh Verma can help you. He would..

Break through any writing blocks

Guide you what topic would work best with your niche

Help you select what publishing plan and marketing strategy would work best for you

Give you professional feedback and help you get your book published and marketed well

Dinesh does this with purpose. It is his life mission to help people write, publish and market their own book to share their knowledge and insights with all.

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Who should attend this workshop?

Whether you are an entrepreneur or just starting or an established business owner… if you are looking for reliable and predictable ways to greater authority and impact than you can handle… then this workshop is for you.

This workshop is a perfect-fit for —

 Financial advisors  Chartered accountants  Trainers
 Tech companies  Consultants  Business owners
 Real-estate agents  Start up founders  Travel specialists
 Service-based companies  Architects  Solopreneurs
 Infulencers  Medical professionals  Seminar leaders
 PR agencies  Event management  Manufactures
 Traders  Professional speakers and more!

NOTE — this workshop is specially designed for decision makers (business owners , founders, CEOs and business heads) who are responsible for taking strategic decisions when it comes to marketing and business growth through authority building activities. We request not to depute any employee unless you are also coming.

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How to cut through the noise and position yourself as the undisputed expert in your niche

5 Secrets to Eliminate Myths stopping you to launch your multiple books

1 Masterstroke for Cost Conscious Culture to eliminate multiple books need

And much much more.

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Meet Dinesh Verma

Renowned Book Publishing Mentor,
10 Times No.1 Bestselling Author, and Publisher

Dinesh Verma

Dinesh Verma is not just a seasoned Publisher, Book Mentor, and Bestselling Author; he is a visionary who has reshaped the landscape of authorship for business owners. With a remarkable career spanning over 18 years, Dinesh has worked closely with a myriad of established Entrepreneurs, Coaches, and Consultants, guiding them towards successfully positioning themselves as influential authorities in their respective fields.

In a ground-breaking achievement, Dinesh Verma recently launched the world's first book on mugs showcasing his ability to explore innovative ideas.
Furthermore, Dinesh Verma is the author of the world's smallest business book a testament to his creativity and ingenuity in crafting concise yet impactful content.

Both of these remarkable books were unveiled at the World Book Fair 2023, held at Pragati Maidan, largest book fair in India.The launch event was graced by the presence of Mr. Prashant Tandon, the esteemed founder of 1mg, a prominent healthcare platform.

Dinesh is a big fan of using book to work for business as purest and most cost effective marketing tool.He strongly believes that when you write & launch your book, you release your genie from the lamp. Now it will make you an authority, build your credibility, do PR and help increase sales & profit

Team Pendown led by Dinesh Verma helped me put together my distant dream come true of becoming an author & influencer. It was a Great Moment when I got the attention of Acharya Bal Kishan Ji of Patanjali due to this book.

Chetan Jain  (CEO Tarus Packaging P. Ltd.)

Chetan Jain (CEO Tarus Packaging P. Ltd.)
Author of Sleeve It Right

I can see the visible difference in Client Interactions and Getting business from them since I started sending them my books. The book has given me the power to convert client at a faster pace.

Rohit Surendra Nagia (Director of Metricchant Design Attributes Private Limited)

Rohit Surendra Nagia (Director of Metricchant Design Attributes Private Limited)
Author of Money Generating Buildings 2.0 Creating Urbane HQ’s The 1st Step

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How to build credibility and authority.

How to break through any writing blocks

How to write a bestseller book

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Akhilesh Chitlangia has distributed 10000 copies of printed books and next lot of 10000 books is in Print.

Akhilesh Chitlangia (CEO - Duraply)
Author of Smart Plywood Buying Guide

I Got a Deal of 1.5 Cr. Cracked” Now I am writing my Third book. जब से इंटरनैशनल बुक फेयर मे बुक लांच हुआ है, गेम चेंज हो गयी| थैंक यू दिनेश भाई

Sanjay Kumar (Real Estate Demand Generation Expert)
Author of Top 10 Blunders Why a Real Estate Agent Fails

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With a combined experience of over 150+ years in book publishing and marketing, the experts from Pendown Press can help you build a concept, write, publish, and market your book to influence the world and supercharge the marketing.

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